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THANK YOU for including me in this project.  It means a lot to me!

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TITLE: Lots of “F’ing” Is The Secret to Happiness!

“F’ing” equals happiness!

Before you jump to conclusions, I must admit I was tempted to “cheat” by reviewing “formal” resources on happiness, but decided it would make more sense to dive inside my mind and see what naturally came up.

Frankly, it’s not a secret, it’s a series of strategies and practices that over time become natural behaviors, and part of your personality.

I’m happiest when I’ve got the 3 F’s:
1) Free Time (doing whatever I want)
2) Family (both immediate, blood, and extended (non-blood)
3) Friends (people I choose to be in my life)

But if all I do is spend quality time doing whatever I want with loved ones, my joy diminishes over time.  Which brings in the NEXT “F”:


Flow that comes from being deeply engaged in work and productivity. When I’m productive, I lose my sense of self and become part of something bigger.  Time dissolves.  Life becomes magical.

I also find amazing flow and engagement when I’m meaningfully connecting with people who have massive influence, talent, or unique skills.  I suppose because one of my natural strengths and passions is to connect these individuals with other people I know.  I get an amazing sense of fulfillment knowing that if I created a new relationship that might have a profound impact not only on THEIR lives, but also their communities and (hopefully) the world.  Making it one of my most significant methods of self-expression.

Finally, happiness requires balance.

Balance between my productivity to the point of flow, and my free time with family and friends, equals heaven!

So what happens when I am NOT in balance, or I’m not spending enough quality free time with my family and friends?  Does that mean I’m not happy at all?  Or do I still manage?

I STILL find happiness.  And that’s with yet another “F”.  I call it Framing.

When life’s not going my direction, I often find a different “frame” of reference for my situation.  I zoom up (in my mind’s eye) to outer space and look down at the frame of the entire galaxy… and notice that my ‘bad’ situation isn’t even a perceivable speck in the grand scheme of things… and that perspective allows me to take a deep breath and realize that age old saying, “this too shall pass” and then I smile, which brings me back to the foundation of happiness.

I’m grateful for having been asked to write this article because I know more about my happiness.

Knowledge is power.  And execution of that knowledge is grace.

So I hope that you gracefully execute anything you’ve learned here and by identifying ONE thing you can do today, to add “F’ing” happiness in your life!