Thank you for agreeing to speak at The Internet Marketing Party. Here are some some specific guidelines to which you agree and commit to by sending us an email confirmation to

    1. 1. Educate (and if possible, entertain) the party crowd… THIS IS NOT about selling. Impress party guests with your information, skills, and experience and they will hunt after you. Blatant Self promotion is NOT ALLOWED. If this is a problem for you, simply inform us, as soon as possible so we can find a replacement speaker, and do not consent to this agreement.

    2. 2. Stick to the topic of what we published to our audience… Our host will introduce you by name, title and your company. Our party attendees will find more information about you on our social media sites, email communications, and other places we publish, including our main website for those attendees who wish to connect with you after your business-enhancing, profitable information, and educational presentation. We have found that our best speakers take time to interact with and engage with our party guests—some examples of this are to ask quick questions, ask for feedback, and keep in mind that we open the floor to 3 or 4 questions (Q&A session at the end of your presentation). The best way to think of this is to imagine that you are creating a relationship with the party guests.

    3. 3. Be prepared. You MUST show up prepared to speak. If you do not plan to prepare, let us know so we can we can cancel our announcements of you on our stage, and find an alternate speaker. If, for some reason, you cannot fulfill your speaking duties, inform us immediately. If you cannot attend a specific event due to illness, you agree to provide us with an alternate speaker list for us to call on (please allow us to determine if they are a good fit for our party guests).

    4. 4. If you are using a powerpoint, or slideshow, videos, or other media, please bring a back-up copy on a memory stick. Send presentations to Deadline: one week prior to the party.
      Please NOTE: we highly discourage you using video in your presentation.
      There will likely be a 15-second pause between you cue-ing the video and the video actually playing, and another 15-second pause for us to be able to move the sound back to your microphone after playing the video (translation: it will probably mess up your rhythm/flow)

    5. 5. Internet access may sometimes be available where the party is held, but you should NOT count on it. You agree to load into cache any demos that require Internet connection as a back up. Standard A/V for the party will consist of a PC, LCD projector, screen, and a microphone. If you are presenting on a panel/ multi-speaker presentation, please let us know if you have any logistical problems with passing around a single microphone. If you have any special requests, notify us no later than TWO WEEKS prior to the party.

    6. 6. Practice and work on your timing. If you are showing a visual presentation with slides or videos, a standard rule of thumb is to show 1 slide every 2 minutes. Make sure you can get through your allotted time without rushing. You should begin your session promptly at the scheduled start time and end earlier or at the scheduled end time party.

    7. 7. Upon arriving at the party, contact your host, immediately. They will likely have a few items to go over with you, so everything flows smoothly.

    8. 8. Feel free to dress in whatever attire you are most comfortable, entertaining and engaging in.

    9. 9. You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodations. Information regarding hotel accommodations for our Austin parties are available HERE. Arrange for your room as soon as we have agreed to you speaking and you consent to the terms in this agreement.

    10. 10. We plan to use your speaker slide presentations in a video, after your presentation and request a copy of your presentation suitable for posting. Please email a PowerPoint version of your presentation to

    11. 11. Our party guests will be asked to evaluate your presentation– speakers that pull good feedback will be considered first for future Internet Marketing Party ™ speaking (and other) opportunities.

    12. 12. Internet Marketing Party ™ shall have the right and royalty-free license to sell or to produce and show a time-delayed broadcast of your session, or to the public generally, through streaming Internet video, membership site, or DVD.

    13. 13. For speakers on a panel, our moderator will keep the presentation moving. Keep in mind that you are building a relationship with the guests, so when responding to questions from our moderator, speak to our party guests, and NOT to our moderator.

    14. 14. Because it is so important, it is worth repeating – There is to be absolutely, positively zero pitching or selling by you (the speaker).

This Agreement shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Please respond to our communications with a simple: 


Along with your agreement, send along a copy of your biography, which will appear on our website and promotional materials. We will be using the biography submitted in the speaking proposal for your presentation. Send your bio within 24 hours of agreeing to speak, to david @

Your biography should include major accomplishments that will answer the question of our party guests minds’, “Why should I listen to what this speaker has to say?” You bio should be 1,500 characters (including spaces) or less.

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