Naked Business Building

Chances are good that you are tired of:

  • Not knowing who or what information to trust
  • High priced masterminds
  • High priced products
  • High priced networking events
  • High priced leads
  • High cost of making unnecessary mistakes
  • High cost of not having people call you back
  • Feeling like a “nobody”
  • Not having the “right connections” or insider information
  • Always being behind the learning curve

That’s why I created 6 Stupid Simple proven tricks you can do to get connected, get insider information, get free access to what others have to pay for, and have the people at the top calling you back.

I’ve never revealed these to anyone, and not because I don’t like to share… but because it’s a lot easier to JUST DO these things, than to dissect WHAT I’m doing. It took months of having people follow me around with cameras, interviewing me, and expert behavior coaches to figure out the blue print of what makes my methods so effective.

You might be thinking, yeah! but dave you are a natural. I could never be as good as you. But I wasn’t a natural. I had to learn by going to every personal development and behavior and communication training under the sun. Tallied up, I’ve easily invested over a quarter of a million dollars in my training and education. And now, I’ve distilled all that experience into this training, for you.

I know you’re asking yourself, CAN I DO THIS?

Yes! ABSOLUTELY… Now that all my strategies have been boiled down to WHAT WORKS, in step-by-step, no fluff videos and “cheat sheets”, you can simply paint by numbers and be networking like a pro, as soon as today.

Even if you need RESULTS FAST!

Our Quick-Start guide allows you to put into action 3 of the easiest (and best-kept) secrets to getting the top leaders in your industry interested in YOU. And when you get THEM interested in YOU, your business will virtually grow itself. I’ve seen individuals implement these tools and get powerful results within 1 day.


After you get instant access to the Naked Business Building program, you will immediately dive in and watch the welcome video that will guide you through the entire system so you can immediately navigate yourself towards the parts that you need the most help with. You will then take a 4-minute self-evaluation that will give you immediate feedback on what skills you need to start with first. So it will be like having me with you, every step of the way, whispering the exact techniques and steps that will take you from zero to hero.

And it’s not just a quick start that will set you on the path towards big business building, the lessons will build on each other and you’ll soon start implementing methods and tricks that you’ve only ever seen the most charming and charismatic networkers do.

Who Am I? And What Makes Me The Expert?

My name is David Gonzalez… And I’ve become friends with some of the biggest most successful names in my industry by using these techniques. Using these strategies and tools allows me to get access to backstage passes, private parties, get introduced to the most sought after experts in the world, and even puts me in the front of the line for services and experiences most would pay a premium for.

I run one of the online marketing industry’s largest, most well recognized brand which gives me access to the biggest names in the industry. And I’ll show you exactly how to do the same in YOUR industry.

Here are pictures and endorsements from individuals that do business at the highest levels. And I’ve never even had my own product or audience before releasing this program.

Here Are 12 Specific Surprises YOU Get To Look Forward To:

  • 1 : get your heroes and industry leaders to return your calls & emails within 24 hours (if they don’t pick up immediately)
  • 2 : get free resources that others have to pay for
  • 3 : learn how to have others brag about you to potential clients
  • 4 : have others promote and market your business for you
  • 5 : have others want to do favors for you
  • 6 : get the attention of your peers, colleagues and competitors (be the envy of your friends and peer group)
  • 7 : make passive income from your relationships, over and above growing your primary business
  • 8 : have colleagues and competitors share their best-kept corporate knowledge and insider secrets that will skyrocket your business
  • 9 : have competitive advantage over even people who work really hard and have been in your business longer than you
  • 10 : Get introduced to the right people, with trust-based raving endorsements
  • 11 : Learn how to introduce others and train others how to introduce you
  • 12 : Get paid for your relationships and for making strategic referrals and connections
  • BONUS 13 : make your competitors look bad, wondering how you left them in the dust

But Don’t JUST Take My Word For It…

Here are copies of checks I’ve received from using these techniques (and bank statements)
Here are endorsements from multi-millionaires and industry leaders I’ve connected with (Ron Lynch, Michael Drew, Ostrofsky, etc)
Show pictures (from Facebook, IMParty, masterminds)
Show videos (Noah Kagan, Frank Kern, KBJ, Ori)
Identify top 5 people I’ve helped (Phill Grove, Ryan Levesque, Jon Benson, Hollis Carter, ???)
The Ultimate Proof:
I was given FREE consulting and step-by-step instruction by one of the most success industry leaders for creating this program.

I know… Talk Is Cheap!

I Promise The Naked Business Building System Will Get Others Promoting You and Your Business Within 2 weeks OR I will Send a Promotional Email to My Audience of Thousands of Loyal Subscribers

And Just In Case That’s Not Enough…

On top of my proven system, I will Also Give You:

  • 2 Cut & Paste templates I use to get ANYONE to reply
  • Access to one of my best kept secrets that gets attention from people who RARELY return calls and emails
  • My sought-after report that will shave years off of your climbing up the ladder of success. It’s one of the single most effective strategy I’ve ever found to build my business and professional network.

(Hint: that beats out the “it’s not What You Know, It’s Who You Know” idea everyone talks about)

Why This is For YOU!

I’ve spent time with multi-millionaires who drool over my professional network. Because no matter how rich or successful a person is, there is ALWAYS something they could use help with. There is ALWAYS something more they want or need. And my professional network is second to none. I’m going to reveal my strategies in 4 SIMPLE, engaging presentations. You will laugh, you will go Hmmm… and most of all, You will PROFIT!
No matter what business you are in, all you’ll need to do is make a handful of sales or connections to make this THE program for you!

Get INSTANT access to all you need for only $199.95!
ACT NOW and get The Naked Business Building Program for JUST $49.95

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17. Inject scarcity (if any)
Because we know you don’t want your competitors to see how easy it REALLY is to build your professional network and finally get the respect and free access you deserve, so I’ve decided to make this ridiculously low price of $49.95 available for the next 5 minutes, and then it will go up to the normal price of $199.95. That will keep most people out because they will just HOPE and pray that things get better. But I know that for only $49.95 you will take quick action… Especially when you consider that there is ZERO RISK… AND if you purchase in the next 5 minutes (or less), I’ll also throw in access to my private community of insiders… where you will be able to ask questions and get quick answers from REAL people who have mastered this system.

18. Give guarantee
60-Day Money Back Guarantee.. I will honor a 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

19. Call to action
Click the buy now button and get started building your business, the easy way, TODAY.

20. Give a warning
Not only will I not keep this price and the additional bonuses forever… I don’t want everyone to learn these tools because then they’ll get overused. So click the buy now button right now, while you are thinking about it, or you may miss out.

21. Close with a reminder
Remember, for less than it would cost you to go out to dinner and a movie, you can get access to secrets that will unlock your business success once and for all. With the tricks on how to connect with business leaders and get them to call you back and share insider secrets with you, as long as you do what I show you, you will make your money back within a week.