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Sit Down With The Internet Marketing Gurus Once A Month As They Share All Their Insider Secrets And Answer Your Questions, While Networking Directly With The Best Marketers Around The World

The Little Known Secret Known To A Small, Exclusive Group in Austin, TX Opens Its Doors To The World, So You Can “Join The Party” And Start Profiting From It Today…

Dear friend,

Welcome to the Internet Marketing Party. My name is David Gonzales and I’ve been quietly connecting the top players in the internet marketing community for nearly a decade, bringing in high level speakers to share their most guarded information, and creating a platform (well, a party really) for fun and profit for everyone in our community.

If you’ve ever heard of the Internet Marketing Party before, you know what I’m talking

about. People that have been to it even just once say its worth tens of thousands to them, not to mention the great friendships and memories that come from it… and I’m talking anyone from your newbie never-made-a-dollar-online marketer to the 8 figure gurus in our industry.

Okay, okay… enough boasting.

I’ll get straight to the point here:

For The First Time Ever, I’ve Found A Way To Bring The Incredible Value of ‘The Internet Marketing Party’ To The Whole World

I’ll be honest - I didn’t want to do this for a long time. I love the parties we throw here in Austin, TX and the intimate environment we create. It’s really magical.

But my partners have been pushing for a way to get this to the world. My online friends from all over have been practically begging for it… “David, you have to get this information, the resources shared, and this level of authentic networking to the rest of the internet. It is called the ‘INTERNET’ marketing party after all!”

So after enough requests, and thinking about it for quite a long time, I caved. And my team and I started strategizing on how we could bring this to the world without losing quality along the way.

And I’m proud to say, that after many months of strategizing, we’ve finally done it.

A Monthly Membership Program That Includes Insider Internet Marketing Presentations Directly From The Parties, Live Q&A Access To Our Speakers, And A Virtual Networking “Party” To Create Meaningful And Profitable Connections

As an Internet Marketing Party Member, here’s exactly what you get:

Access To A Whole Vault Of “Internet Insider” Presentations From Years Of Parties, And ALL Future Ones!

You’ll get access to a membership site with recorded video presentations of expert speakers from over the years. This includes exclusive content from Mike Dillard, Kevin Wilke, Nevhille Medhora, Ryan Deiss, Ezra Firestone, and many, many more… these aren’t your typical presentations. Not only are they entirely pitch-free, they also share unique content that you won’t see them share on any other seminar stage.

Monthly Q&A Hangouts With Upcoming Speakers

Each month, you’ll get private access to a Google Hangout with our upcoming expert. Not only will you get a valuable virtual presentation… you’ll get to directly ask your questions and get the answers live and instantly. This is like having direct access to a new expert every single month, that would otherwise charge $1000+ per hour for their time (if they were available at all, that is).

Virtual Private “Party” Online

You get access to a private Facebook Group with other members, as well as some of the speakers and experts. This is a pitch-free zone where you can ask questions, meet new people, connect with superstars, form business partnerships, and so much more. Consider this your virtual Internet Marketing Mastermind. This alone is worth 10x the measly monthly fee if you use it right.

Tickets To The LIVE Internet Marketing Party

Anytime you come to Austin (we’ve also had parties in San Diego, and might have them in other major cities in the future), you’re welcome to join us LIVE for the monthly internet marketing party, and bring a guest! If you live in Austin, that means you get monthly tickets to the party as a VIP member as well.

“Ok David, Count Me In… How Much Is It?”

To be honest, I could easily justify charging at least $2997 per year for this. And it would still be great value and give you a massive ROI. At the very least, people would be happy to pay $100 per month. But I also know that the value of this group increases with the more members we have in it, and I honestly want it accessible to anyone, even if you’re just getting started and not making a lot of profits online yet. And for those of you making a killing, I want it to be a super simple no brainer. So I’ve made it easy for you. For our first 500 VIP Members, I’m making the price a measly $39 per month. That gets you access to all the presentations, the private networking group, and live Q&A, live tickets to the party, and everything that we’ll add in the future. You get it all. And your price will be locked in for life (even when I raise it for new members, which I will).

Now… this is a passion for me. I certainly don’t make much money on it and I make all my profits elsewhere. I am offering it at such a low price to really build a great community, and really want to reward you for being one of our first 500 VIP Members.

Although, after the first 500 members, I’ll definitely have to raise the price. I want to keep this community super valuable, and I’ll be hiring more people to keep the experience AWESOME as we grow. So just beware… if you come to this page later and the monthly price is quite a bit higher, you were warned!

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It’s amazing the talent that you pull out here on a monthly basis!

-Stacy Kellams

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