Past Speakers

Past Speakers




How to deduct EVERYTHING! (Caution: She’ll give you some great ideas, but always check with a tax accountant first!)

Join us as Marketing Diva, Donna Fox shows us, in about 7 minutes, how to market to women and save 30% on everything you and your spouse spends on. (Always check with your tax accountant… tax laws are always changing) This one is surprisingly (bc I know Donna quite well) safe for family viewing.


How to Simplify your Life and Your Business from a 2-Hr-Workweeker (Yes, Its True)

The ORIGINAL 2-hour-workweeker, Jeff “What DOES He Do For a Living” Smith rocks the stage with his presentation called, “Rich Simplicity” where he exposes some of his tricks for living the care-free internet lifestyle while making the kind of money that big investors are used to. Wisdom from a guy who embodies Rich Simplicity. Watch & understand if your “the bowl is full.” (ALMOST family friendly)


A short guy and a GIANT explain how they went from zero to $400k a month (warning: lots of ADULT language)!

CAUTION! This video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK… at all. These two insane characters DO earn over $400,000 a month in recurring revenue and even though at times they seem to be better as a stand-up comedy act than as marketing trainers, they entertain as they share some nuggets to “Gravitational Marketing” in this over-the-top hilarious and controversial video. For Grown-ups ONLY! Seriously… You HAVE BEEN WARNED!


The VP’s of ClickBank talk about what does the best on ClickBank…what eBooks and courses make the most money (and they get the inside view)!

What was Clickbank thinking when they decided to send two of their top executives to our crazy party?! We’re not quite sure, but we suspect there was some bribery, tequila, and backroom dealmakin’ invovled in getting these Clickbank execs to come share what they see from BEHIND the CB corporate curtains 😉 They drop real insider info. (from a company that has paid out over 2 BILLION Dollars in affiliate revenues)


How he made money with no money (over $100k a month for over 4 years to be exact)

The King of Let ’em Come to You shares with you the blueprint of how he has been making over $100,000 a month for over four years (out of his apartment). He shares his lessons about how to make money without money. Very important wisdom from John who has been a platinum Dan Kennedy masterminder for several years! And, unlike most of our other videos, this one’s family friendly, too 😉


Learn Copywriting from Clickbanks No. 1 copywriter! (Did we mention he was on Rachael Ray? – The show… not the person.)

Mr. Moneyfingers earned his nickname as a world-class copywriter to the stars (he’s written copy for: Microsoft, T-Mobile, copywriting legend- David Garfinkle, Jeff Walker (of Product Launch Formula fame), Boardroom Publishing, as well as Vin DiCarlo (over $1 Million a month)). Watch in this compelling video as he distills his copywriting formula down to its basics and shows you some of his tricks of the trade, so you too can improve your online sales, today! Even includes of clip of Haddad on Rachel Ray (the show… not the woman… heh! heh! That’s right! he used his skills to land an appearance on her show.) What are you waiting for? Go watch now!


How he built a big-ass blog following with no paid advertising….all organic growth.

OK. This video embodies the Internet Marketing Party’s fun attitude… I mean, this is probably THE ONLY marketing video in existence where the speaker takes Vicodin pain killer and chases it down with a whiskey shooter. Beyond the irreverence of this video, J-Mo shares some great insights about his organic success, and gives pointers about how you too can live the care-free internet marketing lifestyle. WARNING: Adult language, drug references, and definitely NSFW.


How one of the top copywriters in the world makes subject lines with ONE tiny exercise (follow along)

I’m still in shock that we were able to coax “The Wizard of Ads” out of his 20-acre multi-million-dollar compound, filled with castles, meaningful sculptures, and luxurious dorms (built w donations from past students & clients) to speak on our stage. Watch him share secrets to engaging customers (his clients/students are Rolex, FatWallet, PRWeb, Alex Mandossian, and more). Family friendly (except for the mention of “my left testicle is a money-magnet”. trust me… it’ll make sense…you’ll see…)


How Marc owns multiple businesses, and sold for world-record $13 Million (WARNING: gratitutous self-bragging!) Suggestion, skip to 8 minutes in

Mr. Guinness Book of World Record Holder, multi-millionaire tech wildcatter, Marc Ostrofsky, investor & best selling author of Get Rich Click! who shares his sophisticated business insights to our independent, lifestyle-based marketing crowd. a MUST WATCH! Little known facts: Marc’s first client was McDonalds… ALSO, Marc’s unlce was Moe of the 3 Stooges. (Please note, the volume at the beginning of the vid is low, Marc is mic’ed up and volume increases at 3:26, when Marc gets on stage)


How to drive traffic for free (HINT: It’s NOT Google Adwords)

Dirty Baxter as he is known in certain circles, takes no prisoners in this no-hold-barred marketing video… where he sheds light on how he curates content and gets massive traffic… by following the trends set by sites that are valued at over $100 Million (Huffingtonpost, TMZ, Drudge Report, and more). WARNING! Adult Language. Mature audiences only.


Went from being a waiter to owning a digital empire…. ask him anything (random questions from the crowd)

Went from being a waiter to owning a digital empire…. ask him anything (random questions from the crowd)


Mindset of getting Rich- why most people and the media think it’s bad- but that’s how poor people talk.

Here he is… “Mr. Bubbly” Kevin Wilke, sharing his insights about how he built his online empire to the point where now he works fewer hours than he’s ever worked, and is making more money than he’s ever made. Lessons from The Titanic, Avatar, and a little known fact: He was AWeber’s very first client/affiliate. Tom Kulzer (AWeber founder) has verified this fact! Watch this vid now!


Why you shouldn’t be shady in internet marketing. How I lost everything because of it, but could’ve made more money if I didn’t.

We like to call this gem of a marketing video: Hard & Fast! Watch as The One and Only Perry Belcher (he’s sold over $100 Million worth of stuff online… and at one point had an adspend of over $1M/month), shares marketing wisdom, including how to best market in a bad economy.


If You Want To Know About Video Sales Letters. This guy invented them

Can’t tell you how many people refer to those “ugly text only video sales letters” as “Benson-style videos”. Well, here’s a hot video where Jon FIRST let the cat out of the bag… watch as he shares some subtle insider secrets to his success. CAUTION! Adult Language. (and LOTS OF IT… let’s put it this way: Jon Aims to offend AT LEAST 1/3 of the audience)


How to use other people’s lists, other people’s products to make money with other people doing the work! (Need we say more?!?!)

Carl White has built his reputation on giving value. He’ll give you actionable, solid steps you can start using right away to use other people’s lists, other people’s products to make money while other people do the work!


“Why You’re Stuck” – He not only shared how to get un-stuck, he taught us why wearing blue spandex is a good thing.

Ryan Deiss (yeah, THAT Ryan Deiss) is a master when it comes to business systems. He not only shared his million dollar sales funnel… we got to see him in spandex. Who knew?


“How to Guarantee ROI on Your PPC” – Not only did Ezra give a killer technique for your Adwords campaign, he was the first speaker to give away a mug full of cash!

If you’re an Adwords newbie, you might want to watch this one a few times. If you’ve been around the block… you’ll love this technique.


Wondering how you can get people to actually pay to be on your list? That’s just one of the secrets you’ll discover here…

Have you been able to truly harness the power of Amazon? Velocity House publishing is defining ebook publishing and in this video, you’ll discover how you can tap into this incredible lead source.


How to Build Cool Products for Cool People

Products creation is great, but if you’ve created products for a target market you don’t really want to service… it’s a nightmare. In this video Kent & Heather share how they create cool products for cool people.


The Basics of an IM Business

If you’re in a rush to make a dollar… this video isn’t for you. Instead, you’ll learn how a successful business operates AND what to make sure you get done NOW (so you aren’t playing catch-up later).


Generating Traffic That’s Better Than Email

If you’re interested in learning a serious traffic technique… you’ll love this lesson. The master of PR himself shows you how to spin stories and create a tidal wave of traffic!


The Squeeze Page KILLER!

Squeeze pages are dead. Why? Ryan Levesque, the “Squeeze Page Killer” will let you know. (He’ll also tell you what’s replacing them so you can get ahead of the game!)


Kill Your Inner “Wantrapreneur”

Neville Medhora isn’t just the infamous “Brown Sumo” (of AppSumo fame), he’s an assassin. OK… not REALLY an assassin… (but sort of). If your challenge is getting started this “Action Sumo” can help.


How This Cancer-Survivor Mom from Leander Will Make Money for YOU

DeAnna Rogers – How This Cancer-Survivor Mom from Leander Will Make Money for YOU


Reveals His Top Secret Celebrity Strategies That Turn Your Your Credit Card Into Thousands of Leads…

Curt Maly – Reveals his top secret celebrity strategies that turn your credit card into thousands of leads… Without using ANY of your credit.


How to Prevent from EVER Being Hit By A GOOGLE “Update” Ever Again…

Eric Lancheres – he’s going to give you 3 Difficult Things you can do right away to stay out of “internet Prison”. Yes, I said DIFFICULT… and that’s why it works. Go check it out, you’ll see what I mean…


How To Make Your Business As Famous (& RICH) As The George Foreman Grill

If you have a website, product or service… and you are interested in growing your business into a household name (or understanding the strategies that go into that), you are going to LOVE this! And here’s why… Ron is going to reveal How to Make a Million Dollars in Advertising (The ETHICAL Way)


How To Make YOUR Product IRRESISTIBLE To The Masses!

Justin Brooke – (Traffic AND Conversion Samurai) … IF your product or service targets a NICHE market but you KNOW that you could be making LOTS more money IF you could target THE MASSES! And, if you have a website, product or service… and you are interested in growing your business by turning your offer into a media buy-ready offer (or understanding the strategies that go into that), you are going to LOVE this!


How This College Student Used Internet Marketing (& $28) To Get Wal-Mart’s Attn

“How This College-Student Used Internet Marketing (and $28) To Get Wal-Mart Execs To Call Him About a Weird Product That Was Ignored By Dozens of Marketing Firms and Experts…” (Hint: He’s Become One of YouTube’s TOP Advertisers)! Featuring: Jeffrey Harmon. Join us as Jeff reveals how he uses YouTube to crash servers and deliver more traffic than when his product was featured in The New York Times and ABC’s Nightline, COMBINED!


How to Build Your Business Getting Others To Happily Do What You Don’t Want To!

“Is Your Business Giving You Freedom? Or Is It Just a Glorified J.O.B.? “How You Can Get Rich, Getting Others To Happily Do What You Don’t Want To!” Watch This Video Of This 21-Yr-Old College Drop-out Who Travels The World, While He Allows 12 Full-Time Team Members To Happily Do The Work He Doesn’t Like Doing.” Featuring: Chris McCann (21-Yr-Old Earns the Title “Mr. Freedom” Because of How He Built His 6-Figure Business in JUST 2 Years) Watch IF you own or manage a business and want it to give you the life of freedom you deserve, while making LOTS more money!


How This Nerd Got Multi-Million-Dollar Clients To Help Him Build His Passion Biz

If you are struggling to automate your online business and make sense of the technology, this party is for you! Here’s why… Our guest speaker this month is a nerd. Hard core! His name is Eric Turnnessen, founder of MemberMouse… a membership platform used by multi-millionaire marketers.


Reveals how he is able to dominate launches and drive lots of traffic, even when he doesn’t mail his entire email list. And so can you!

We had a surprise special guest speaker fly in all the way from New Zealand to share with you how he wins almost every affiliate launch prize he competes in, no matter the market or niche (from personal development, to survival, to financial, to dating). OK! OK! It may help that he has over a million people on his email list… but he’s going to reveal how he is able to dominate launches and drive lots of traffic, even when he doesn’t mail his entire email list. And so can you!


Reveals How To Build a 15,000 Email List in 3 Months Without Buying Any Traffic

Dane Maxwell is sharing with you how they built A Bad Ass Tribe Of Entrepreneurs Building Lucrative Software Companies. About Dane: At age 22 Dane Maxwell was scammed for $12,000 by buying a business online – it was a sham. Broke, humiliated, and totally lost, he moved back into his parents basement. And it was this turning point that led Dane to say fuck this, and figure out how to make money on his own without the help of anyone. Propelled by desperation… and starting with just $123 to his name, he built his first six figure web based business without any idea, any money, and any expert knowledge. The idea was given to him, the money was given to him, and he hired out the expert knowledge. Incredible. Since then, he’s built 4, 6 figure web based products and has taught 1,000’s of others how to repeat his process. He believes anyone can start a business if they understand this framework. What makes Dane different is not that he’s built kick ass companies and never has to work again… what makes him different is that he focuses on the internal game of Entrepreneurship. Mindset and deep limiting beliefs.


Social Media Debate: Paid Vs. Organic Traffic?

Kate Buck Jr. vs Curty Maly. Debate: Paid traffic or organic traffic on Facebook. (The Gloves come off!)


How To Improve Your Biz & Life with Kopywriting

Special Guest Speaker Neville Medhora (aka “Kopywriting King” of… He is also kind of a big deal over at the uber-successful team)… watch this video as he explains how he is going to give you his best FORMULAS for Kopywriting, and (no, it’s not misspelled, that is HIS special spelling which he explains the difference about in THIS video:)

JESSE ELDER - The Action Philosopher

Why Your Web Traffic DOES NOT Matter… See why.

Our guest speaker, Jesse Elder (aka “Mr. Mastery”) is going to blow your mind! Watch the video below and see what we’re talking about…


If You Want Access to THE Largest Conversion Optimization Data Set in the World, Watch this…

Our San Diego guest speaker, Clay Collins: If You Want Access to THE Largest Conversion Optimization Data Set in the World, Watch this…


What Can A Millionaire From Hollywood Hills Show You About Your Online Business?

Our guest speaker, Tai Lopez: What Can A Millionaire From Hollywood Hills Show You About Your Online Business? Watch and find out…


How To Triple Your Revenue By ONLY Targeting Your Perfect Customers

Our guest speaker, Jeff Vacek: Jeff is one of the more sophisticated infomarketers around, which allowed him to build his multi-million dollar infomarketing empire. Come have him hand you one of the most powerful strategies in marketing, that makes YOUR life better, your customers happier, and the revenues skyrocket!


How 2 Slackers (a Ski Bum and Part-time Rock Drummer) Built an Automated Lifestyle Business

Watch as this ski-bum who skis over 200 days out of the year, and his long-time best friend and business partner whose passion is playing drums in The Red Clay Rumble share with you their business model for how they manage to live the “internet lifestyle”… taking “workations”, building businesses, balancing it all with having fun. If you are interested in building a lifestyle-based business, this presentation is a MUST-WATCH! These two guys are the most laid-back, and smartest marketers around.


List Building 101. How to grow a list from ZERO to over 10,000 in 6 months.

New York City Marketer, Derek Halpern flew in to Austin to share his secrets to a hyper-responsive list, as well as deliver the goods around how to monetize your blog with 6 proven tactics he has used. His brash, take-no-prisoners New Yorker style has earned him the title “Hitman Halpern” but don’t be fooled, he’s really a very nice guy, who genuinely cares about his audience, as you will see when you watch this punchy presentation. Surprisingly, this is family-friendly, so you can watch with your speakers turned up, even if those with virgin ears are within earshot!


The Women of Internet Marketing -For women only. WARNING: Dudes stay away!

OMG! As Paris Hilton would say, “This video is HAWT!” no, really, a panel of women marketing experts sharing their best secrets to their success in a male-dominated industry. Featuring Six Lovely Marketing Divas: Vicki Flaugher, The Kate Buck Jr., Lorie Marrero, Jenneth Blackert, Ricci Neer, and Heather Ann Havenwood.


Should you develop a Mobile App or a Mobile Website? John answers these questions and dives into the future of mobile for 2012 and beyond.

John Arrow, 24-yr-old CEO and Founder of Mutual Mobile, who does business with 20% of the Fortune 100 (Google, Cisco, Audi, Harvard, etc). Not only did he give some incredibly insightful tips about the future of mobile… he managed to tame the rowdy crowd of 400 marketers with a little Q&A.


The Continuity King shares his proven formula for membership sites

The Continuity King absolutely ROCKED the stage in spite of the rowdy boozed up San Diego crowd full of hecklers and halloween-costume-wearing marketers… (this was our 2nd party in this gorgeous city). This is one of the most talked about presentations, partly because Ryan OVER-delivers, and partly because of how masterfully “Coach” Ryan took control of the raucous crowd. This is a MUST-see presentation… where for the first time ever, Ryan shatters his family-friendly persona and gives people real-world-value as a commitment for having flown from the NorthEast coast of Connecticut all the way to sunny San Diego.


How To Make YouTube Your TOP Traffic Source

Do You Want To FORCE YouTube To Flood You with Targeted Traffic and Leads? Watch As These Muscle-Heads (with Over 196 MILLION YouTube Views) Reveal How To Virtually Print Money By Making YouTube Deliver You As Much Targeted Traffic As You Can Handle!


In this video, Andrew Lock, Ryan Lee and Chris Farrell give incredible advice for those new to Internet Marketing, then answer questions from the audience. This is a great one if you’re interested in producing video on the net.

If you’re just starting out in the wide-world of Internet Marketing OR if you’ve got questions about video production on the net… You’ll love this one!


The Chief Sumo at AppSumo show you how to start a million dollar business in a weekend

Chief Sumo at AppSumo built a list of over 513,000 customers in 12 tiny months! It’s not because he was #30 employee at Facebook, or because as #4 employee at (where he wrote their marketing plan), which later sold for $170 Million to that you should watch this presentation… You should not watch it, unless you are ok with his foul language, and laid back style of delivering simple, actionable strategies for how he is consistently achieving world-class success. CAUTION: Lots of adult language. Very funny. Watch now.


This ex-Pepsi truck driver teaches you the exact, actionable steps he uses to make over $20k a month online.

“Mr. Pepsi-Truck Driver turned Super Affiliate” really delivers the goods in this amazing powerhouse of a presentation. No, REALLY! He shares the step-by-step process and thinking behind how he regularly gets his “money sites” ranking on page one of Google, usually within a day or two, without any back-linking or special tricks. This guy is probably the most down-to-earth, humble and likable marketer we’ve ever had on our stage. Highly recommended presentation from someone who has a real-life rags-to-riches story, and it shows. Be ready to take notes in this one. Family-friendly so you can watch without having to turn the volume down if anyone in the room is sensitive to some of our OTHER videos.


This Social Media Maven actually got her start at the IMParty. Now she’s on stage teaching you how to build your own Social Media Empire!

The pink-haired-diva of social media marketing laid down the law on how to market using Facebook and other forms of social media to turn a real profit. This is one of the most content-rich presentations with probably more useful insider information per minute than any other of our presentations. Be ready to take notes and keep in mind that while Facebook changes on a daily basis, many of the principles in this presentation stand the test of time. Watch this one and get ready to take your Facebook marketing to the next level!


How to Effectively Get MORE Than a 10% Conversion Rate (WARNING: This Dude is a Sophisticated Genius)

When Michael Drew took the stage, he opened up with a line from the movie, “Fight Club”… and from there, he shows how if you are not converting at least 10% of your website visitors into customers, something is really wrong. And then he shows you the basic structure and form of how to begin the process of fixing your conversion problems, in a very surprising twist. This presentation is a fantastic way to start testing & kick-starting your conversions into high gear with methods that may surprise you. Very engaging… be sure and watch this one! Family-friendly presentation so you can watch with the speakers turned up… no matter who is in the room with you!


How to craft the right message, to the right people. (If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll love this!)

They call him “Stickboy”… and even with his stand-out, leopard-print hair, Nathan’s delivery of powerful, useful information overshadows his Dennis Rodman-like persona… Watch as he shares his magical formula for writing winning, profitable offers that will change your life… I know that is a BIG PROMISE… especially for a 30-minute presentation from a guy who is drinking stiff cocktails on stage, but trust me on this… Jurewicz OVER-delivers and will show you who YOUR “Homer Simpson” is. You may be surprised to find that your financial future starts looking delightfully different after you watch this wonderful gem of a presentation. Hilarious, too!


Teaches the EXACT steps you’ll need to begin investing in digital real estate.

This charmer of a marketer is just barely old enough to buy beer… and while he makes more money than most executives, you’d never know it because he’s a down-to-earth, practical dude with his roots firmly rooted in his momma’s upbringing (he remembers one day, as a 12-yr-old, his mom being so broke down sobbing, because she could not afford a $50 repair bill to fix their washing machine). He took that pain, and used it to catapult himself to being one of marketing world’s most respected “website flippers”… or rather, he’s more of a website investor… and as you’ll see in this presentation, he gives you some very compelling reasons why all the other internet marketing methods are too much work for the return he regularly sees in his website investments (or in actual physical brick & mortar real estate, for that matter). Watch this family-friendly presentation as Ryan gives you his insider tips on how to buy (and sell) websites for big profits. He even gives you the exact wording to get sellers to basically hand you over their websites for pennies on the dollar… and thank you for doing it!


Why Struggling Online is OK. Plus The 3 Pillars of Success Online. (Be Warned- This one is a bit slow-paced. Forward to 6:15)

The master of viral marketing takes the stage and shares some deep insights after his long history of being involved in the online community, he shares how he was kicked out of a few direct-sales businesses because his viral marketing strategies worked TOO well! (The other distributors couldn’t keep up and begged the companies to get rid of him, or they’d pack up and leave). Watch this presentation for some inspiration on how to persevere when you feel like giving up (it happens to all of us, from time to time). Scott’s relaxed, caring style will put you at ease as you learn some of his viral marketing methods, while getting inspired to keep on keeping on your journey to online success.


How These 2 Geek Millionaires Built Their Empires on the “Wings” of Twitter (Sorry, The crowd is REALLY Rowdy in this one)

When these two, old-school powerhouse “ANTI-Gurus” took the stage to a packed-like-sardines lounge full of over 400 marketers, their fans cheered like it was a rock concert… watch as they share how they have both used Twitter and social media in general to build their mult-million dollar businesses, and how they leverage these tools today to continue growing. They take a historical tour and bring you through present day, and share some of their favorite strategies, tools, and tricks. This presentation with two of the conference-leaders in our industry is filled with gems. Family-safe.

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StarKevin Wilke on "Mindset of getting Rich- why most people and the media think it’s bad- but that’s how poor people talk."

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