Scott Boulch – Why Struggling Online is OK. Plus The 3 Pillars of Success Online.

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NOTE: (Be Warned- This one is a bit slow-paced. Forward to 6:15)

The master of viral marketing takes the stage and shares some deep
insights after his long history of being involved in the online community,
he shares how he was kicked out of a few direct-sales businesses because
his viral marketing strategies worked TOO well!

(The other distributors couldn’t keep up and begged the companies to get
rid of him, or they’d pack up and leave).

Watch this presentation for some inspiration on how to persevere when you
feel like giving up (it happens to all of us, from time to time).

Scott’s relaxed, caring style will put you at ease as you learn some of his
viral marketing methods, while getting inspired to keep on keeping on your
journey to online success.

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