Rachel Kersten: The Secrets to Successful Seven Figure Launches

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When any company has a seven figure launch it’s a big deal…like a really big deal.

It takes teams of dedicated and experienced professionals to give any infoproduct
the coveted title of “seven-figure launch.”

And no one knows this better than Rachel Kersten. She has launched over 30 new
information products for her clients.

As an extremely well respected strategic consultant and online marketing specialist,
Rachel rapidly doubles and triples clients businesses in the internet marketing space.

She’s been known to come in and 10X businesses.  When it comes down to it, Rachel
knows what it takes to hit the seven figure mark for product launches.

The combination of launching new products, creating multi-product portfolios, building
engaged audiences, and maximizing customer lifetime value has led to the generation
of over $32 million dollars of online information-product sales.