Mitch Miller: Million Dollar Market Research Made Easy

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Mitch has written campaigns that made $201,000 in 3 hours, 1 million in 13 days, and 1.6 million per month. He holds $5,000 per person retreats, and lives in Thailand with his rock star team of misfits.

Some of the Power Principles this master persuader will share with us, include:

• The principles of what makes strong copywriting…. and what most people don’t “get”.

• The universal truths that are proven to pull the money out of your prospects pockets.

• Breaking down buyer psychology and market research to benefit your business.

If you do your own copy, you will learn how to reframe “How you say it” to the more powerful “What you say”, which makes all the difference and increases conversions, every single time.

Maybe you hire out your copy? Come and learn exactly what should be in your copy and marketing, saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time and the frustration of getting “dud” copy.