Matt Kepnes: How “Nomadic Matt” Built The World’s Largest Travel Blog

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What started out as just a love for traveling and sharing those travel stories to people from
all over the world through a blog has catapulted into a $100,000 a month business.

How did that happen? You’d better watch this October’s IMParty to find out!

We are just so privileged to have Nomadic Matt Kepnes, one of the most successful bloggers and
New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, as our guest speaker.

This guy is just 24-years-old but is already earning a hundred thousand dollars a month just by doing
what he likes to do best — traveling and blogging.

Be inspired by how this guy made it this far. If you’ve been inching to start your own blog, this IMParty
is for you as Nomadic Matt will give us some tips on how to start it, grow your followers and earn
from it.