John Belcher: Removes the FEAR from Media Buying And Analytics, Adding Profits In It’s Place

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John Belcher likens himself to a “Robin”.

Like Batman and Robin.

John is the guy who is able to take information from really very boring things, such as analytics and tracking reports, and make it digestible and easy to understand.

Best of all, he makes it fun and exciting! Like Robin. 😉

As an ex-Googler, John takes data very seriously and believes we should too. He views the reports of any business like a homicide detective, combing through information and finding the truth. The core ways to help grow a particular business, that wasn’t seen before.

John Belcher is here to show us analytics and tracking can be Sexy!

Imagine having ad networks calling you for your business, showing you things that are normally reserved for larger clients? Imagine being to finally love and appreciate reading your analytics?

Most business, small or large, are not organized well when it comes to tracking data. “Data is King” and those who don’t apply it in their businesses WILL go the way of the T-Rex.

These days, technology is overtaking salespeople in the workforce. With technology, your business can sell 24/7 and give data to ad algorithms that will work best for your business.

It’s win-win

John is a Sage of Ad and Traffic buying. He has quite an impressive list of clients and has built up his business AdSkills, which teaches beginners to advanced levels, what the ad networks won’t teach you… The “How to specifically do all the things in between the Start and Finish, that make an ad “Hot”, while consistently delivering results” part. The part that matters most.

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