Daniel Marcos: How to Work Your Way from Entrepreneur To CEO

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Are you interested in SCALING your business?

If so, keep reading because you should know that *starting* and/or *running* a business is NOT the same as SCALING a business.

And if you’re going to START something, why not turn it into something you are proud of… Something that makes you rich? Something that you can SELL as an asset?

You see, starting a business is one thing. Leading and managing a company is another story.

Here are some questions to consider…

How would you transition from running a business to leading and managing it to greatness?

SHOULD you transition?

How long would it take you to become a world-class CEO?

Can you handle the pressure? *Should* you?

What if you could get the answers to all of these questions from someone who has built a billion dollar company and who is business partners with Verne Harnish that wrote not one but TWO runaway best selling business books: “The Rockefeller Habits” and “Scaling Up”?

Imagine learning this from a virtuoso on entrepreneurship and leadership.

You don’t have to imagine very hard because that is EXACTLY what you will learn in this presentation.

Our guest speaker, Daniel Marcos, also happens to be a long-time dear friend of mine and he is committed to helping you shift from the founder to CEO mentality… which will further align your team around a clearly defined set of desired results.

Daniel has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their companies faster and with less drama.

Aside from that, he is also an international speaker and has shared the stage with thought leaders such as Peter Diamandis, Guy Kawasaki, and Verne Varnish, to name a few.

Oh! I almost forgot, Daniel is also the CEO of Gazelles Growth Institute.