Basic IMParty sponsorship
Gets YOU and your company:
-logo on banner backdrop for 3 months
– spot in big screen backdrop for 3 months

VIP IMParty Sponsor Package
Gets YOU and your company:
– all of the above
– mention from stage (along with headline) 3 months
– premium spot on the big screen video backdrop 3 months.

Hyper-Dimensional Party Animal VIP IMParty Sponsor Package
Gets YOU and your company:
– all of the above
– interview by DG on your product/offer 1x
– ability to have something you can give at the party 1x
– we’ll put your mention on stage in the IMParty speaker member video.


But before you become a sponsor, read this:

It is important that your sponsorship flows with the long-term vision we have maintained for The Internet Marketing Party™

Because you ended up on this page, probably means you are considering sponsoring The Party, which means you truly believe in what we are doing and that we can truly count on each other to be there for the other… in a meaningful way.

Here are some interesting points about Sponsoring The Party:

  • Sponsorship is NOT automatic. Your product, service MUST be vetted and meet certain quality standards. (In other words, you can’t JUST PAY… you and your product must have a good reputation, as sponsorship implies our endorsement.)
  • Your product or service must work as advertised, you must have good customer service, and your reputation must, as a general rule, be good in the marketplace.  No one is perfect, but we do expect that if we talk to 100 of your past customers, MOST of them will say good things.

Should it be a good fit for you to sponsor The Party, we hope you know that we will handle your generous donation, with class in mind… The same class that has… as it is now becoming more and more evident every day… always separated the IMParty from any other events around…

So, your trust, that we will handle your funds in ways that will make for the coolest the experience of our guests at The Party, will be paramount. (i.e. we don’t want to be micromanaged in our use of the funds ;))

We open the door by attracting high-quality people to the party, where it will allow you to naturally make great connections for long term friendships, affiliates, as well as strategic alliances for your business, without the typical in-your-face, pushy tactics that cause most people to lose interest in even hanging around, before they would even become interested in talking to them about anything that could turn into “real money”.

The IMParty is about people, business as well as class, surrounded by a variety of Internet Marketers.

Even though it doesn’t sound “cool” to say it this way, we want to be at the heart of building a real, heart-centered community & environment to learn together, to teach all those involved a better way to communicate, respect and treat each other.

With that in mind, the only thing we can really offer you is respect, from the stage before our speaker comes on by letting all who are attending know that you from YourCompanyHere.com is responsible for helping to create the casual, pitch-free environment, and we would like to thank you personally for sponsoring this event and helping make this party even better than it could have without you.

Once our guest speaker is done speaking, and things have calmed down a bit, the hosts of the party, together as well as separately, (based on the craziness of the evening), can introduce you to many of the players who are going to be attending.

One thing we want to be clear about here, is we want to be casual about this, so we can “just be ourselves”, and not end up feeling like we are being “kept tabs on” how many introductions we make for you, etc.  By doing it like this, is a great way to introduce you as the fantastic giver and businessperson you are, and then allowing the conversation to unfold to what you and your company do.

We think of it as an ‘we open the door, but then you walk through it and dazzle em’ kinda thing.

We have a strong desire to ensure that we set the IMParty as separate from any other event ever held, and want to keep it in that tradition.

We hope you will agree that it actually speaks more to who you are as a person and a company, when we point you out and everyone knows that you are the one of the key sponsors of The Internet Marketing Party and this will give you an opening from there to bring up what it is you do naturally instead of having banners, brochures, and cards everywhere, which we believe ‘commercializes’ The Party.  (again, it’s about aiming at doing things with class… errr… as much class as you can bring a party full of foul-mouthed Internet Marketers, anyway:) )

If this is not a good fit for you, we totally get it and understand 100%. Your margins have to be right, so if that is the case then let me to be the first to pay deep gratitude to you either way, because without your support of simply attending the parties, we wouldn’t have a party at all… Really… what good is a party, with no guests?

Thanks for your consideration and we wanted to ensure that sponsorship is well thought out on your behalf, as well.