IMParty San Diego
Sept 26, 2022   |   6:15 PM



IMParty San Diego : Mon, Sept 26, 2022 | 6:15 PM | Bloom Nightclub - San Diego

Founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing LLC. - A top-ranked agency & educational hub for digital advertising and customer acquisition. His personal ads have been seen over 1 Billion times across FB, IG, and YouTube. He has over 150,000 students in 75 countries, worked with several of the largest franchises across the globe, and has been featured in some of the leading publishing companies around the world.

  • WORLD-CLASS Networking with world-class entrepreneurs, internet celebrities and more...
  • Joint Ventures, partnerships forged, clients, and employees galore...
  • You WORK HARD… It’s time to PLAY HARD! Come play with the cool kids...
  • Great profitable information shared from the who’s who of digital marketing...
  • We’ve been mixing business and pleasure since 2008....
We invite you to come out to the Internet Marketing Party in San Diego, watch the speaker, absorb their knowledge, and mingle with the Marketing Star Studded crowd. 
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what is internet marketing party?
Internet Marketing Party is the place where every month the smartest internet marketers from newbies to ultra rich come to hang out and trade ideas.
Each party features one successful speaker
who is required to share some of their best secrets they’re using right now, and not allowed to pitch any products. The speakers usually talk for between 20 and 40 minutes, followed by casual networking.

Speaking of casual networking, this is the main benefit of coming to Internet Marketing Party! Roaming the crowd is everyone from social media managers, Wordpress developers, programmers, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, wealthy businesses owners, connectors, and more.

We always recommend people get to the party a little early so they can get full benefit of the crowd.
who's in the crowd?
IMP is crawling with successful people. And these are the people you’ll be rubbing elbows with. Here’s a small sampling of some of the people that come to 90% or more of the Internet Marketing Party events:
Henry Fuentes
Tech Genius Turned Serial Entrepreneur
Ron Lynch
Infomercial Kingpin behind GoPro, OxyClean, George Foreman Grill, Sonicare Toothbrush, etc.
Mike Dillard
Founder of Self Made 
Nathan Latka
Exited his first college dorm room startup called Heyo. founder of The Top Podcast
Ryan Moran
Founder of and runs a multiple 7-figure a month supplement business
Jaime Masters
Godmother of Podcasting, Eventual Millionaire best-selling author, and mastermind leader
Justin Goff
Health Supplement Millionaire, exited his company and now consults
Daniel Rose
Founder of 
Created a #2 Brand Channel on YouTube
Justin Rondeau
Director of Optimization at DigitalMarketer
testimonials from regular attendees
A lot of the regular attendees of IMP have gone from menial jobs to running major companies thanks to the connections and information they learned at the Internet Marketing Party events. 
“I was a broke real estate investor before, now I run BlackBoxMedia, helping businesses and people bring
their mission to reality… and getting rich along the way.
I say it all the time… I owe so much of what’s good in my
life to The Internet Marketing Party™.”

Curt Maly
Founder of Black Box Social Media
“Coming to an Internet Marketing Party and listening to ONE presentation by Jon Benson (the inventor of the VSL), transformed my business and now I am a best selling author, marketing thought leader and run multi-million dollar business, all based on many of the principles taught by speakers at The Party every single month.”
Ryan Levesque 
Author of Ask
“The IMParty is a must attend event. It’s full of real business owners who are down to earth and friendly. The content is outstanding and It’s always a good time! If you’re in Austin, Texas you shouldn’t miss it. Even if you’re not in Austin, Texas… you still shouldn’t miss it!”
Ezra Firestone
CEO of Smart Marketer, 
Co-Founder Boom! By Cindy Joseph
“Internet Marketing Party™ kicked off my career and I will always be grateful for that. I can’t recommend highly enough that you attend because you are only one connection away… from your life’s next level!"
Kate Buck Jr.
Founder of Social Media Manager Pro
past speakers
From famous entrepreneurs and celebrities like Tucker Max, to successful business owners like Noah Kagan, to controversial characters like Tai Lopez, all these people and many many more have taken stage at Internet Marketing Party, giving some of their best secrets and advice to the private crowd.  
Tai Lopez
Tucker Max
Noah Kagan
Mike ChanG
Co-Founder of Six Pack Shortcuts
Roy H. Williams
The Wizard of Ads
Nomadic Matt Kepnes
Pat Flynn
Founder of SmartPassiveIncome
Clay Collins
Founder of Leadpages
Derek Halpern
Founder of Social Triggers
Ryan Deiss
co-founder of Digital Marketer
Jeff Harmon
of The Harmon Brothers, Viral Video geniuses
Perry Belcher
co-founder of Digital Marketer
Matt Clark and Amazing Selling Machines
Frank Kern
world’s highest paid Internet Marketing Consultant
Michael Lovitch
founder of RealDose, Baby Bathwater and original IMParty founder
Speakers are also required to hang out after their speeches, so you can get up close and personal with them as we celebrate life in Downtown Austin.  
frequently asked questions
“What if I don’t know anyone, am I going to feel awkward?”

No way! When you get to the party and show your ticket, tell our friendly reception people you’ve never been, and they’ll introduce you to people in your field or your interest.
Our main goal at IMP is to connect people who haven’t met before so they can make long term friendships or partnerships.
“Can I bring a friend?”

Of course! A lot of people who started coming to IMP regularly now have tons of friends in the group, and bring in more and more people to join our fun circle. In fact a lot of IMP members have become like family members to each other, and we love making room for more cool people!
“Should I bring business cards?”

It’s optional, but we don’t consider this a strict “networking event” where people awkwardly trade business cards and throw them away at home. We encourage you to come hang out, chat, have a drink or two, and talk with people in the crowd. If you happen to meet someone worth trading business cards with, then great!
“What if I don’t drink, is this like a crazy bar scene?”

No worries, a lot of our friends don’t drink, and they still have a great time! The best time for non-drinkers to come is earlier around 7pm. People are tame while the place is filling up. The speaker usually speaks at 8pm, then around 8:30 we commence chatting. Unless you’re staying past 11pm, you’ll be great (beyond that, we party)!
“What do I wear?”

You can wear anything you want! This is casual. Most people get dressed up like it’s a casual happy hour. Whatever you’re most comfortable in, great! Bonus points if you wear a funny shirt!
“When and where is this event taking place?”

Time: Doors Open At 6:15 pm
919 4th Ave. Ste. 100, San Diego, CA 92101
(in the ❤️  of The Gaslamp District)
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Internet Marketing Party is the place where every month the smartest internet marketers from newbies to ultra rich come to hang out and trade ideas.
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