Starbucks, Ross Perot, & Internet Marketing. What’s the connection?

marc ostrofsky rocks the imparty

It’s not WHAT they have in common…

It’s WHO! And his name is Marc Ostrofsky.

And he’s also our special guest speaker for October, 2010’s party!!!

Before talking about his “connections”, I’ll cut to the chase…If you want to learn from someone who generates over $75 Million in annual online income, then you simply HAVE to RSVP to join us on Tuesday, October 12, right here in Austin, TX.
How we were able to get Marc to speak is a looooong story, but let’s just say it involves blackmail, intrigue, and mostly a lot of _ _ _ kissing

Here’s more info about Marc and why you would be crazy not to BE HERE:

– He is a TRUE entrepreneur. Builds REAL businesses… not high-margin hobbies (which is what 99.9% of all internet marketing entrepreneurs and info-preneurs have)… HINT: if your business RELIES on JV’s and affiliates, you may not have a TRUE business. Come learn why… and how to fix it.

– Marc’s companies typically generate between $75MM to $150MM in annual revenues… Think you can learn something from someone with that kind of track record?

– He is an expert domain flipper who regularly buys domains and sells them for 2X-3X what he bought them for (he looks at internet properties like real estate… founded iREIT)

– How about some of that good ‘ol SOCIAL PROOF?  Well, as we mentioned at the top of this invite, Marc has partnered with Starbucks founder, Howard Schultz and Ross Perot… how’s THAT for Social Proof?!  And if that weren’t enough, Marc introduced comedian Robin Williams to his friend, Bill Gates(yes, “THE founder of Microsoft”, Bill Gates)… he also is friends with past US Presidents, a host of other dignitaries and celebrities.  And as if that weren’t enough… Marc was intrumental in co-founding the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (now known as EO, for Entrepreneur’s Organization), which is a global network of some of the world’s most elite entrepreneurs… along withVerne Harnish who is a personal executive coach to Michael Dell and close personal friends with Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers.

– Marc was a key founder of the Entrepreneur program at Rice Universityand both of his parents teach Entrepreneurialism programs at The University of Texas McCombs School Of Business… So he actually comes from a line of business leaders.

– Looks at online businesses as real assets that can be built up equity-wise and sold for 3x-4x revenues… and he’ll show you the 3 key ingredients that are missing in YOUR business that are keeping you from doing the same (and how to fix them).

– Marc has also partnered up with ClickBank (not as a vendor or affiliate, but as a full-on PARTNER) to create some great programs to highlight the success stories that might include some of the individuals in our audience!


– Marc will share the most successful business principles he’s  learned among a vast array of businesses ranging from offline to online to local to international to everything in between.

Come join us for an evening of fun and entrepreneurial education as Marc entertains us with his wit and wisdom in the world of business.  Marc’s upcoming book, Get Rich Click will be published in April, 2011 but I haveconvinced him to get us 20 copies on pre-order which we will raffle at the party. (must be present to win).

Please submit your specific questions below about what you’d like to ask Marc so he can build his talk specifically for our audience and have you thrilled that you were there to learn from a true business wizard, personally!

So, right now, while you are thinking about it, just go ahead & RSVP (up in the upper right hand corner of this page)… and remember, our venue will be private so only individuals who RSVP will be allowed to enter the event (you may only RSVP for yourself… so if you have guests, have them register on meetup (it’s free and quick), fill in their profile and RSVP… after all, there will be free food again as long as we hit 250 RSVP’s but we hit 327 last month so that should be easy… IF… YOU RSVP right NOW! 🙂

RSVP Now… While you are thinking about it! In fact, RSVP for you and call/write now AT LEAST one friend. Let’s get those attendance numbers up HIGH!

RSVP Now… While you are thinking about it! In fact, RSVP for you and AT LEAST one friend. Let’s get those attendance numbers up HIGH!

come on… Just Do It. OK?

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