Jason Moffatt Will Make You Laugh, Cry and Money!


Jason Moffatt was our special guest speaker for February 2010’s Internet Marketing Party!!

Don’t know who J-Mo is? WATCH HIS VIDEO of the AMAZING PRESENTATION HE did while drinking whiskey, taking Vicodin and preaching the ways of his wild internet marketing lifestyle.

He’s one of the craziest, goofball internet marketers who lives in San Diego, California…  Actually, he has a home there but is currently living On The Road.

Yep… he is traveling across the USA in a gigantic tour bus he paid over One Hundred Thousand Dollars for… which he bought with money he made online as an info-marketer and

He truly “lives the internet lifestyle”.  And even though he works his butt off, he also spends as much time as he wants surfing with his good friends John Reese, Frank Kern, and the rest of their surfing “Team FaceBlood”.

He also travels a ton and gets to have all sorts of crazy, fun adventures which he regularly blogs and Twitters about.

At one of Frank Kern’s sold out Mass Control Seminars,  even though he was one of the most intoxicated, rowdiest speakers ever, he was applauded as one of the most popular speakers… perhaps it’s because he’s one of those guys who truly does not care very much at all about what people think or say about him.

He’s just a naturally wild soul with so much street experience and self-confidence that he will always hustle his way to the top.

If you had not heard of our speaker yet, then I have ZERO doubt that coming to watch him give his talk will be educational as well as wildly entertaining and eye-opening.  So mark your calendars now and be sure to be here!

Even though his name is Jason Moffatt… healso goes by “J-Mo”, “Profit Moffatt”, and some of his good surfing buds call him “Uncle Mofo”.  Don’t worry though… even if you are not familiar with J-Mo, you are
in for a real treat so mark your calendars now and tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and most of all… bring your sense of humor (you will need it because JMo’s style is BOLD)…

… consider yourself warned. 😉

David Gonzalez
Founder of The InternetMarketingParty . com


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