How an email list of 8,000 made him $100,000 a month

WARNING: If You’ve Never struggled online, you can’t read this!

You see, in the 2 videos below, our “Southern Boy” guest speaker (Carl White) for The Party, this Thursday, 2/16/12 shares things that will only impress you if you have struggled…

But, if you, like me, have felt real fear, and pain, then you will appreciate these quick videos… where he also answers the questions you submitted on Facebook.

And I gotta tell ya… I love this guy’s style!

You see, Carl is one of the most “matter-of-fact” people I’ve spoken with in a LONG time and the advice he’s giving in this video is golden.

Don’t believe he’s got the goods? In this video he’ll even talk about how he had a list of ONLY 8,000 that brought in $100,000 a month!

He’s what they call “Good People” and you’ll see what I mean when you watch this vid.

Take a look and then grab your tickets to come to the party in Austin this Thursday!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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How can he give away such an incredible amount?  He can’t.  He is only willing to do this for anyone who has a membership by the end of the night on Thursday.  The monthly membership is only $19… get yours started now!


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  1. vicki meltz
    5 years ago

    Want to meet others as I am starting out and just earned by first $100.

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