The Internet Marketing Party began in Austin, TX in September, 2008 AD.

The Austin party has been meeting every second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM at a location which is disclosed a few days before the party…  the parties always take place in a casual and fun location where you can let your hair down and relax (usually a cool lounge, downtown).

As of May, 2011, The IMParty expanded to San Diego.  Our San Diego speakers have included “Superbad” Frank Kern and “The Continuity King” Ryan Lee.

Got more questions?  We got more answers… below:

Question: Who Started This Group and Why?

A: David Gonzalez started The Internet Marketing Party because we all know that the best information at any Internet Marketing event happens in the Bar.

The result is as close as you can come to being at the bar with a bunch of crazy smart marketers, without having to listen to a bunch of sales pitches. In fact, when there are speakers – they are not allowed to sell anything from stage (imagine that). Even better, they are usually speaking after having had a few alcoholic cocktails, so that translates into the fact that REAL money making information is usually shared.

Giving credit where credit is due, this idea was inspired by the Dallas internet marketing party created by Kevin Wilke of Nitro Marketing.

Kevin is a friend of the party! And then… when David shared the idea with another more underground internet marketing rockstar, Eric Louviere…

Eric went and posted that a party was going to happen on the popular Warrior Forum and boom! Internet Marketing Party (previously known as the Austin Internet Marketing Entrepreneur Network, aka AIMEN) was born!!!

The party was started for local Austinites, but has gained an international following. It is not unusual for high caliber multi-millionaire internet marketers to fly across the world just for the low pressure, fun & high-value experience.


Question: Who Can I Contact With Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

A: David Gonzalez (the founder / coordinator of these events), can be reached via email: david [at] internetmarketingparty . com (just paste that all together and type it out).